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It seems, for the past few election cycles at least, every election is touted as being the most critical election in our lifetimes. While the gravity of our awful situation never lessens, neither does the direction in which the country seems to be going ever seem to change. On the national scene, even the most casual observer of government will realize that the Republicans in congress, as a whole, never offer more than token opposition to the big government/big welfare/entitlement mindset of those who formulate our policies. In the end, they cave every time.

One could make a good case that the reason for being for the Republicans in Washington is simply to gather up and marshal all the opposition to the statist and progressive agenda of those who behind the scenes seem to run this country, and make sure that the opposition comes to naught. When was the last time the Republicans didn’t cave in a contest of wills with their brothers and sisters across the aisle? They always cave, and they will continue to do so. Watch them now, as a replacement for Antonin Scalia is nominated, and see if it is any different this time.

Truly, we need some new voices in government. We need people who will stand for principle, and not “go along to get along.” We need people who will not compromise their principles, regardless of the outcome. We need people who stand true to their oaths of office, and to whom the rule of law means something. We need to elect some backbone to public office.

The immortal words uttered by the English philosopher Edmund Burke never meant more than they do today, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

So let us be up and doing. Let this year be the year of our fresh start. Become involved in your local caucus meetings. Seek to be a delegate. Throw your support behind good men and women who know and prize the right. Become a candidate yourself. It is time to let your voice be heard.



Please take note of the following dates:

March 22*         Caucus Meetings                        7 p.m.

Information regarding locations and times will be posted on as it becomes available. Officers in each county need to get this information to the state officers as soon as possible.

*The State allows other dates to be selected if this date does not work. Presently it appears that Washington and Morgan will hold their caucus  meetings concurrently with the county conventions on March 29th.


Between March 26* – April 2:      County Conventions

*The State does not allow any conventions prior to March 26th.

April 9:              Constitution Party of Utah State Convention – Venue still to be determined.

April 13-16:       National Constitution Party Convention – Salt Lake City – go to for details



In the Constitution Party of Utah, numbers of county delegates to the State Convention have traditionally been allocated at the rate of one delegate per precinct, plus one additional delegate for each 14 votes (or major fraction thereof) in that county cast for the highest Constitution Party vote-getter in the previous general election. In 2014, our highest vote-getter was Greg Hansen, who was our candidate for Attorney General.

By way of illustration, we will consider Utah County. In 2014 they had 251 precincts. Therefore, they are entitled to 251 delegates to the State Convention. But Utah County also cast 3,165 votes for our Attorney General candidate, Mr. Hansen, who was our top vote-getter. With one additional delegate assigned for each 14 votes cast for Attorney General, that would give Utah County an additional 226 delegates, bringing their authorized total to 477.

As soon as we can ascertain the correct numbers of precincts for each county, we will email to the county officers the spreadsheet whereon these delegate allocations are calculated.



If your county doesn’t have a duly constituted Constitution Party organization, don’t let that stop you. We can get your county organized in short order. Further, if you want to be a delegate to the State Convention on April 9th in the absence of a county party organization, we can work that out, too. Please contact State Chairman Bryce Hamilton at or call (435) 363-4453.



Candidates may declare between Friday March 11 and Thursday March 17th

At this point, with less than a month to go, we have but few committed candidates:

Collin Simonsen                       Congress, District 4
Paul McCollaum                       Congress, District 2
Congress, District 1
Congress, District 3

Richard Proctor                        State Auditor

Kirk Pearson                             State Senate, District 17

Sherry Phipps                           Legislature, District 1

Joe Fuchsel                               Legislature, District 58

Jon Garrard                              Commissioner, Tooele County

There are doubtless a few others of whom we are not yet aware.



We encourage our party members to run for public office. That is, after all, what a political party is all about. Under the present circumstance, Constitution Party nominees for all offices higher than county commission or council will need to gain their nomination at a county, or more likely, the State Convention. This is owing to the provisions of SB 54, as modified in the Constitution Party’s recent win in federal court against the State of Utah.

Nominations for county office can presently be gained at a convention or by the gathering of signatures from affiliated Constitution Party members in the county where one seeks the nomination, or by both, according to current election code.

Now, there is some possibility that the landscape could change markedly in the immediate future for those wishing to gain a place on the primary ballot by means of gathering signatures. The Utah Republican Party is again seeking relief in court against one or more of the provisions of SB 54 as currently incorporated into the State’s election code. Under the exigent circumstance of having an election hanging in the balance, one would hope that this controversy could be decided at least by March 17th, which is the last day for one to declare candidacy. We probably won’t have to wait long to find out.



Find precinct assignments to caucus locations here:



Yes, I know, we have said this before, but we really do intend to go live with a new and much improved version of our website. We expect that to happen in the next few days. A serious review was conducted over the past weekend and a few final changes specified. We are about drop the hammer on this project. The URL will be the same as it is currently.   Keep an eye out for it. It won’t be long in coming.



In an effort to better inform voters about Utah’s new primary election process, the Lieutenant Governor’s office has produced a short, animated video. Please feel free to share, email, tweet, or post this video.

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