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to the new website

of the Constitution Party of Utah! 

As you can see, the website is still under construction.  We don’t have much content yet, but we are working on that.  We have added a calendar, but as of today (September 17, 2014) we haven’t yet got all of the events on it.  It is our hope to list and link to information for all of the liberty oriented events, lectures, workshops, etc., in the state, so that there will be one place that people can go in order to find out what is happening, where, and when.

We also have a few formatting issues, and a few things that will probably need to be rearranged to make the site easier to navigate and make it more useful, but we are working on those things regularly.  We invite you to check back frequently to see what changes are being made.

Please find your Local Constitution Party Representative at the Contact Us.

A list of our Candidates in Utah can be found HERE.

Bryce Hamilton

Chairman, Constitution Party of Utah


The Constitution Party of Utah believes in upholding the Constitution of the United States in the state of Utah. Join us to make your voice heard and participate in protecting our God given rights as guaranteed by the U. S. Constitution.