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Constitution Party Caucuses was held and considered a success. Next stop. County Conventions!

Time and place for the Constitution Party of Utah State Convention is up! 3rd of May at 9AM. Registration starts at 8:30AM. Salt Lake County Council Chamber РNorth Building. Please come and join us! Event Calendar has more information.

We successfully held multiple Constitution Party Caucuses in Utah around the 27th of March. Now we are going to take the next step and have the County Conventions. Please go to our County list to see an updated list on when and where the Conventions are being held.

If you have any questions about your county convention, please contact your Local Constitution Party Representative at the Contact Us. If you can’t find a Representative for your County please contact your regional rep also found on the Contact Us page.

A list of our Candidates in Utah can be found HERE.

The Constitution Party of Utah believe in upholding the Constitution of the United States in the state of Utah. Come a join us to make your voice heard and participate in protecting our God given rights, upheld by the Constitution.

If you are interested in joining the Constitution Party of Utah and find out if a Caucus meeting is locally to your area, or if you want to hold one, please reach out to your local Constitution Party leader found on the Contact Us page.