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Many things have happened, with several more significant happenings yet to come. We have published two newsletters in the last month or so, and hope to have another one published before the end of October.

And we continue to tune up our website, though it is a slow and painful task, and we still have a long way to go. Nevertheless, we are gaining on it. We do hope that in the coming months we can make it a very useful source of information regarding liberty oriented events, and selected events of a more political nature, regardless of where they take place in the state, and regardless of who sponsors or organizes them. If you know of events you would like included, please send the details directly to statechairman@constitutionpartyofutah.com .

So, Election Day 2014 draweth nigh. In a couple of short weeks, we will know a few things we don’t know now. Some, like for instance, which party controls the US Senate, will make precious little difference. But there are constitutional amendments to be decided in our state, and these do make a difference, as may the outcomes of many of the races for offices ranging from Commissioner to Congress and the office of Attorney General.

Notice the rotating banners above. If you keep an eye out, you may see these messages featuring some of our candidates running on electronic billboards along the I-15 corridor. We have these four rotating messages that will be shown first on a sign at Lehi just south of the point of the mountain. This will run for a week, and then on Monday the 27th, beginning at midnight, the venue will change to a sign located on I-15 at about 1500 South.

Meanwhile, further south, we will have three similar rotating messages featured on a sign located at Sunset and Bluff in St. George for a week, and then the venue will be moved to a sign along I-15 through St. George.

We are hopeful that these electronic signs will help us get some of the coverage that was denied us by being excluded from the debates sponsored by the Utah Debate Commission. We will know in early November if it was money well spent.

Contact information for all our candidates, and links to their respective blogs, websites and facebook pages can be found by clicking HERE.

Check out all the liberty oriented events of which we are aware on our calendar by clicking HERE.


Bryce Hamilton
Chairman, Constitution Party of Utah


The Constitution Party of Utah believes in upholding the Constitution of the United States in the state of Utah. Join us to make your voice heard and participate in protecting our God given rights as guaranteed by the U. S. Constitution.