Author: Constitution Party of Utah

In Opposition to Mail Ballots for Utah

By Gary Welch, Vice Chairman- Constitution Party of Utah County Governor Herbert is putting pressure on County Clerks to start using the Vote By Mail (VBM) system in all of Utah’s Counties. Larger cities (SLC, Orem, Provo) are also adding pressure by requesting that their municipal elections be only VBM “to save on costs”. I feel that this is a threat to the integrity of the voting system in Utah and we should be opposing these efforts both locally and to the state. Here are the real facts: Higher Costs: The supporters for Vote By Mail (VBM) have frequently...

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Term Limits Temptation: Creating the Pretext for a Con-Con

The New American / June 10, 1996 (reprinting for its relevance) Written by George Detweiler Throw the bums out! The idea is appealing to Americans who see their elected officials becoming less and less in touch with conservative government. The idea is also not new. Concerning term limits, which were considered by the Founding Fathers during the Constitutional Convention of 1787, Alexander Hamilton wrote in The Federalist, No. 72: “Nothing appears more plausible at first sight, nor more ill-founded upon close inspection.” The quick-fix nature of term limitation is superficially appealing not only because of the perceived speed with which it appears to remove an offending official, but also because it does not require much thought, research, or analysis on the part of the voters. By throwing everyone out of office after a fixed number of terms, we rid ourselves of the task of deciding who is doing a good job and who is not. The finest and the worst are discarded by the calendar. What those who are attracted by the concept of term limits generally fail to understand is that the promoters seek, not specific term limits, but general term limits, which would restrict the voter franchise and emasculate the power of the ballot. The goal — ridding our government of the bad while keeping the top performers — would be sacrificed on the altar of expediency....

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Please Reject the Proposed HJR3 | Scott Bradley

An Open Letter to Members of the Utah Legislature: Historically, most of the resolutions seeking a constitution convention (by whatever name the advocates choose to denominate it) which have come before the Utah Legislature have promoted the idea that they were single issue proposals, and that any convention which may be called as a result of these resolutions would be restricted to addressing that single issue, and therefore would not place broader issues in the Constitution at risk. While this is a debatable supposition in those other resolutions, HJR3 has dropped all pretense that the proposed convention will be...

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