U.S. House District 3



State House District 29

I was involved with the Republican Party for over 14 years. They wanted me to run for office several times but I had a family to raise and a business to run. As I stayed involved I realized that our 2 party system is flawed.

This time I was asked to run under the Constitution Party. The Constitution Party adheres to the laws and principles that made us the greatest country in the world. It’s still not a convenient time and probably never will be. I have come to realize that liberty is a 2 edge sword.  It provides us freedom but requires responsibility. I can’t keep complaining to our politicians and hoping someone good will get elected if I’m not willing to step up to the plate when others ask me to do the same.

Many people are frustrated with the candidate choices given to us by the 2 party systems.  The Constitution Party is growing. We have elected leaders throughout the state on county and city levels. We have to grow from the bottom up. It’s time to elect someone on the state level.  Join with us in building a brighter future.

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State House District 66

Hatch and his wife are residents of Manti, where they have lived for the past five years.  They have two children with a number of grandchildren. They are both retired, but are involved in various community and church activities.  Hatch graduated from the University of Utah in political science and spent five years active duty in the United States Army.  He has been associated with the Constitution Party since 2006, and have been involved in political functions at the local, county, state, and national levels. He currently serves as the chair of the Constitution Party of Utah. 

He supports the platform of the Constitution Party and find that these principles are most representative of traditional American values.    "I see the measure of effectiveness is not in how much legislation is passed but what is its result and does it contribute to the pursuit of liberty or reduce it according to Constitutional principles. As a Constitution Party candidate, I have already signed a statement of intent to uphold Constitution Party principles and platform and will be held accountable to it.  I am committed to the communities of District 66.  Issues should be focused on our district and our relationship to the state of Utah.  I will ensure that the citizenry in our district is fully represented in the Utah State Legislature."