The following resolution was passed at the National Committee Meeting held May 4th, 2019 in Milwaukee, WI

Whereas, the Electoral College represents the inspired genius of our Founding Fathers as brought forth in the United States Constitution, and

Whereas, the Electoral College has insured the election and efficient peaceful transfer of power of the Office of President of the United States for 230 years, and

Whereas, the American Republic the founders created requires trusted representatives be periodically selected who are bound by a sacred oath to act ONLY within the scope and bounds of authority specifically enumerated and delegated within the United States Constitution, and

Whereas, the American Founders purposefully created a republic wherein powers were divided and subdivided to guard against the ultimate accrual and consolidation of power, and the ultimate abuse of power and tyranny, and

Whereas, this effort to move to direct election of the president by the people will virtually destroy the last vestiges of our magnificent republic, more completely destroy the states as political and coequal societies, and assure the descent of the nation into the turmoil of democracies foreseen by the American Founders, and

Whereas, the circumvention of the Electoral College would immediately make irrelevant the votes of Americans in approximately 25 states because candidates would only be interested in campaigning in large population states, particularly large metropolitan areas, eliminating the voice of half of the states, and the people of those states, in any presidential election, and

Whereas, under the Electoral College no single faction or region of the country can elect a president, thus insuring broad representation across America, and

Whereas, in any presidential election with multiple candidates, a presidential candidate could be elected with perhaps as little as 15% of the popular vote if it were more than any of the other candidates, and

Whereas, eliminating the Electoral College would damage minority rights and ensure rule by whatever majority was allowed to vote in that election, and

Therefore, be it resolved, the National Constitution Party strongly supports and encourages retaining and applying the Electoral College as originally intended by the American Founding Fathers, and will work to defeat efforts to abolish it, and

Be it further resolved, that the most vigorous efforts should be exercised to discourage any action such as the “National Popular Vote Compact” and movement, which would have the same effect of abolishing the original intent of the Electoral College without a constitutional amendment, from being passed within state legislatures, and

Be it further resolved, that the Constitution Party National Party strongly supports and encourages the individual state organizations of the Constitution Party to mobilize and engage to prevent any modification of the original intent embodied in the Electoral College.