I love to talk about dignity and honor, integrity and morality, patriotism and responsible citizenship. Those are the essentials of our existence as Americans living in a constitutional republic. They yet reside in the hearts and minds of millions of Americans—the “silent majority,” as we were once called. As is now becoming obvious, the “majority” was far too silent—and has now been thoroughly subverted by false and counterfeit ideas and philosophies.

I have drawn some criticism in recent months for my statements about how “we” let our country down. “We” failed to stand up against the Progressive onslaught as it broke down one revered American institution after another.

“We” stood aside and let those who claimed special privilege feed at the bottomless trough of government largess.

“We” felt we couldn’t go against the Supreme Court when it declared the poison of pornography to be nothing more than the exercise of our free speech rights under the 1st Amendment.

“We” failed to actively participate in our Parent‐Teacher conferences and meetings, where we might have learned that our children were being indoctrinated in the “truth” of Islam, sexual deviance and promiscuity, self‐esteem instead of academic excellence, gender confusion, moral relativism, and so much more contrary to the teachings of the Bible, common sense, and eternal principles.

Do you consider yourself part of the “we” in the preceding paragraphs? I do, and you should. Regardless of what we call ourselves, whether Conservatives, Libertarians, or Constitutionists, if you have been in the battle at all you have been fighting nothing more than a failing rearguard action. You have also been in the mix with so‐called “like‐minded” people whose ideas, prejudices, and lack of understanding have brought division, strife, and the rise of the “Independent” voter—who now numbers more than a third of the electorate. We have fought our friends while the real enemy has seized more and more ground.

I take personal responsibility for my part in this. Though I have spoken at dozens of venues, including both the National Tea Party Convention in Phoenix and the Campaign for Liberty Convention in Reno, though I have written two books and dozens of published articles about how to solve the problems we face, though I have been active in both the thoroughly corrupt Republican Party and the highly divided Constitution Party, and though I even made a brief and unsuccessful run for the Presidential nomination of the Constitution Party, I have failed to gain an audience. It seems most of the American people want the government to fix everything, which means they want strong leaders who will do what the voters want them to do—forgetting, of course, that the majority of the voters have been thoroughly indoctrinated in the things I mentioned above.

They don’t get it

Every once in a while when I am in my car running errands I will turn on Rush, or Sean, and listen to them for a few minutes. I love how Sean’s voiceover talks about “Sean’s solutions for America.” In all the years I have been listening to Sean Hannity ‐ including at CPAC in 2010 ‐ I have never heard him offer a single solution to any of America’s problems.

Anyway, these talking heads just don’t get it, and neither does the Heritage Foundation or any of the other conservative organizations. What they don’t get is that America is being destroyed by a highly organized, well‐funded conspiracy that goes by the polite name of Progressivism. Sean and Rush talk all the time about how they don’t understand why Nancy Pelosi doesn’t understand this, or why Chuck Schumer does this or that. Chuck and Nancy just carry out their instructions.

It is so simple that it amazes me that almost no one sees it. This is not a Democrats versus Republicans issue. It is not a conservative versus liberal issue.

This is nothing less than a battle between good and evil.

The “evil” side gains wealth, power, publicity, and even celebrity as they promote and advance hard‐core Marxist and Communist positions on issues they have helped to create. The “good” side (that’s us) shrinks in fear and cowers in their homes, afraid to express their opinions in the public square and afraid of being censored by the likes of Facebook. The good side is “on the ropes,” praying for the bell to end the round. The good side is putting Black Lives Matter signs on their front lawns in the hope that violent protestors will burn someone else’s house instead of theirs.

If you look at today’s world in this light, what we see begins to make sense. Why does the media exercise so much control over how we think and feel? Because they have recognized the power they wield, and understand that promoting Progressivism pays much better than telling the truth. Why do our judges and elected officials legislate from the bench and pass anti‐Constitutional legislation? Because they have sold the public on the virtue of robbing Peter to pay Paul – and they have learned that the people seldom notice when they vote themselves fabulous benefit and retirement packages, nor when they exempt themselves from the dreadful laws and rulings they impose on the rest of us.

What do we mean by evil?

Those who I consider to be on the “evil” side are those who consider themselves part of the “elite,” and therefore are above the law and smarter than you or me. In addition, they have their countless minions, sycophants, and wannabes who hope for personal glory in the brave new world they are helping to create.

Because they are above the law these “elites” are entitled to use whatever means necessary to achieve their goals. Their goals include the destruction of all our institutions. That includes the most important institution of all, the family. On those rare instances when they attempt to justify their actions, they tell us we are not intelligent enough to understand what needs to be done for our own good.

The end result is the loss of our government, our Constitution, the rule of law, and our independence as a free nation. The “evil” side has no plans for something better; all they know is that they are following the dictates of men long dead who called for a revolution that would change the world.

Most importantly, because these “elites” have all the answers and the rest of us do not, they may use any tactics, strategies, and procedures they wish because, after all, the end justifies the means—doesn’t it?

Who’s on the “evil” side?

Who represents the “evil” side? Here are a few examples:

  1. The mainstream media. There is enormous power and influence to be gained by pushing the Progressive agenda. Consider the massive media empires that have sprung up in recent years, and the ways they control the news by what they report, what they do not report, and the half‐ truths, outright distortions, and deliberate propagandizing they commit every day.
  2. The police unions. The police union in Minneapolis, for example, fought for years to prevent administrative action against at least one officer involved in the George Floyd killing despite more than a dozen official complaints against him. This is what police unions do.
  3. The teachers’ unions. The NEA has fought for more and more indoctrination of our children, and has become so bold as to publicly declare that indoctrination and political correctness are more important than education. Competency is unimportant to the union; political correctness and job tenure are paramount. This is what the powerful NEA is all about.
  4. The Democratic Party. The Democrats long ago embraced evil Progressivism as the greatest vote‐getter in history, as well as a guarantee of lifelong tenure in Congress.
  5. The Republican Party. The Republicans have completely caved in to the Progressives, refusing to stand upon any principles at all. Instead they feebly (and unsuccessfully) attempt to throw obstructions in the path of the Democrats. (If the Republicans were ever to conduct a headcount, they would discover that a majority of Republicans in leadership positions are anything but conservative—except perhaps what we call “neocons,” the people who favor assassinations of foreign leaders and nation‐building through force of arms.) After all, if the [Democrat] candidate favors providing free health care to illegal aliens and the taxpayers love the idea, how can a conservative hope to get elected on a platform of fiscal conservatism and a return to correct principles?
  6. The United Nations. The UN is one of the largest America‐ hating groups in the world, funded in large part by your tax dollars. What other organization would put some of the world’s most vicious bigots, racists, criminals, and murderers on the board of their Human Rights Council?
  7. George Soros. The evidence is piling up that George, like so many of the enemies of capitalism, is using the billions he made in the capitalist free markets to finance terror, division, violence, Socialism, and Communism in many parts of the world ‐ and especially in the US. A quick Google search will list the numerous anti‐American organizations he supports.
  8. Communist China. We seriously underestimate our former adversary during the Cold War. The leaders of China plan for the next several generations. By contrast, Americans plan for Saturday night. The Chinese appear to be succeeding in their effort to grow the Chinese economy by orders of magnitude, while simultaneously preserving and promoting the doctrines of Communism throughout the world.
  9. Russia. Putin is constantly defying America’s “line in the sand” by supporting terrorist and insurgent groups, as well as the physical invasion of countries like Ukraine, and assisting corrupt regimes like that of Assad in Syria. He sows confusion among the Western “allies” and calls our integrity into question.
  10. ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, and dozens of other “hate” groups all across America. Like Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama, these people are devoted followers of Saul Alinsky. They are clever, well‐funded, highly organized, and know what their mission is.

What’s in an oath?

The Democratic Party seized the “moral high ground” by making Progressive appeals to things like human rights. If anyone would bother to fact‐check their proposals, they might discover that almost all human rights laws and rulings (with the possible exception of child labor laws and a very few others) are unconstitutional or even anti‐Constitutional. Those proposing them should be censured or removed from office for advocating legislation that will move America down the road to Communism.

Would removal or censure be a violation of their rights of free speech? For regular citizens, it would be. But to elected officials and judges, what is of surpassing importance is that they have violated their solemn oath of office. By their statements and actions they are working to bring about anti‐ Constitutional legislation. Such legislation will destroy our freedom, our peace, our livelihoods, and our happiness. After all, the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. If our leaders ignore or trample it they must be punished.

This is not, by the way, a radical idea by any means. As Jefferson so eloquently stated in the Declaration of Independence:

“Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends (securing the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness), it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.”

I’m not advocating changing or abolishing the government; I’m talking about removing the bad actors. It should be obvious that this is essential if we are to preserve our constitutional republic.

When Woodrow Wilson initially proposed significant alterations to the makeup and functioning of Congress he was a private citizen and a university president. Once he was in office he had no right to propose such changes unless they were being proposed as amendments to the Constitution – and there was never any political will to do that.

When Barack Obama famously proclaimed “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming America” he was the President‐elect, and had no right to make such a statement unless he was proposing numerous Constitutional amendments.

When any Congressperson, judge, or President advocates open borders, benefits for illegal aliens, Medicare for All, the Federal Reserve, The Green New Deal, guaranteed national income, or eliminating the Electoral college, he or she is in violation of their oath of office and should be punished accordingly unless they are proposing Constitutional amendments.

How would you feel?

Look at it this way. Would you welcome into your church someone who seized the pulpit and told the congregation that you worshipped a false God, that the doctrines of your church were all wrong, and that you needed to convert to [Islam] some other religion immediately if you were to have any hope of being saved?

How would you feel if you knew that your children were being taught in school that Christianity is wrong, dangerous, and oppressive, or that Jesus was a Communist, or that Islam was the religion of peace and that Allah was the only true God?

Would that bother you? It happens every day when American public schools are functioning, yet you don’t hear many voices raised in protest.

What do you call a person who swears on a Bible (or a Koran, as appropriate) to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States—and then does everything in his or her power to destroy that Constitution?

If the Progressives were as ignorant and uneducated as AOC it would be one thing. We must understand that people like AOC in New York are just like Lenin’s “useful idiots,” willing to do their master’s bidding in exchange for a few crumbs that fall from the master’s table. They are little more than puppets, and their strings are often being pulled by the likes of George Soros and others bent on bringing America down.

People like Obama, Pelosi, and Schumer cannot, however, claim ignorance. Indeed, they would be offended if we told them they didn’t know what they were doing. If that is the case, then why do we tolerate their Progressive ravings against the Constitution, against freedom, and against their oath?

Can we finally agree that we are being led by evil people who are given power, wealth, and influence in exchange for their deliberate destruction of America?

How much longer will we refuse to call a spade a spade?

There was a time when we (“we” meaning conservatives and Constitutionists) could have drawn a line in the sand. We could have advertised in every paper in the United States how the Constitution preserves and protects our liberties. We could have laid out the Progressive plan to turn this once‐free nation into a totalitarian state. We could have exposed their evil plans and let the American people decide for themselves.

That time began in the early 20th century, when Progressive Woodrow Wilson refused to step down as President after he was completely disabled by a stroke during the last fourteen months of his presidency. He was so driven by the dangerous notion of a League of Nations that would combine to destroy potential aggressors, believed that our American Constitution was fatally flawed, and so hoped for a one‐world government, that he clung to power well beyond the time he was capable of effectively wielding it. Yes, the United States has already had a “female President;” she was Wilson’s second wife Edith, and she effectively served as President from October 1919 to January 1921. Like an appointed regent over a child king, Edith ruled over her husband and tightly restricted access to him during his illness.

Those days, and the days of FDR and LBJ, who made great strides in the “socialization” of America, are long gone, but the philosophies have remained and only strengthened their hold on us. In fact, the players have changed, but the philosophy marches on. That means that more than one generation (four or five, actually) have failed to stand up to this onslaught. It also means that a deliberate campaign of deceit, degradation, propaganda, falsehoods, and indoctrination has been virtually unopposed as it rampaged across the American landscape for an entire century.

Talk about a conspiracy theory! Generation after generation of Marxists have shaped our legislation, our judicial rulings, our economy, and our values with no apparent oversight or supervision. During all this time, the conservative movement, the Constitutionists, the Libertarians, and anyone else who did not identify with Progressivism has remained mostly silent and impotent—and has been soundly beaten at every turn.

We have seen individuals who gather support and power to themselves as they build a political organization and launch an immense power grab. We remember Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao—and others. These people are all dead now, and we can hope that their evil works died with them. Not so! Marxism is alive and well all over the world. It enjoys a following of billions of our fellow human beings. It is the way of life for as much as half the world’s population. But how could it continue when the Hitlers and Lenins and Maos were dead?

Now we get into the real conspiracy theories. Fortunately, the evidence has been right before our eyes for decades, and the conspiracy has never been a theory. Just because poor Senator Joe McCarthy was an alcoholic, and the media and the Progressives were able to seize upon his condition and fully and publicly discredit him, does not mean he wasn’t right. His bumbling counterpart in The Manchurian Candidate was portrayed as a genuine fool: Joe McCarthy was not.

Three Important Reasons

But that doesn’t answer our question. How did Progressives engage in all their subversive activities for decades and generations with no coordination, no mastermind, and no active political party?

The answer is simple; they didn’t. They gained all the support and political clout they needed all along the way for several important reasons:

  1. Raising future Marxists. If you haven’t yet read David Horowitz’ eye‐opening book The Politcs of Bad Faith you are missing a vital key to understanding what has happened to our world. Marxists were not a one‐person or one‐generation “flash in the pan;” they thoroughly indoctrinated their children in godless Communism. Communism was their religion and their god. The exercise of faith in the god Communism was every bit as real to them as our Christian beliefs and practices are to us. As Horowitz put it,

“Fascism and Communism were both rooted in the messianic ambitions and gnostic illusions that the Enlightenment had unleashed; both invoked the salvationist claims of the socialist promise; both looked to a historical transcendence, proposing final solutions to what had been timeless problems of the human condition. Both set out to create their socialist futures by first destroying the bourgeois present, then erecting their utopias on its smoldering ruins. Both intended to restore the lost unity of mankind by first dividing humanity into opposing camps; the politically saved and the morally damned, the children of light and the carriers of darkness. Us and Them. . . “

The Politics of Bad Faith, page 121

In a later chapter David Horowitz demonstrate how ‘Communism’ became its own god:

“. . . The meaning of exile is the transformation of the religious teaching into a gnostic creed: redemption is no longer a divine release from the punishment of exile, but a humanly inspired transformation of creation itself. The concept of human exile has become divorced from the realities of history; the attempt to restore a covenant broken through humanity’s continuing capacity for evil. It has become instead a mystical idea: the liberation of the divine light that will make the cosmos whole. In the gnostic view, the evil that men do emanates not from their own flawed natures, but is the result of a flaw in the cosmos they inhabit, which they can repair. Man is his own redeemer.” (emphasis added)

This is the heart of it, but Horowitz continues for sixty more pages, detailing how Communism was the lifeblood of his family ‐ right up to the moment that he realized that it was a false God and offered no hope to mankind.

Henry Grady Weaver in his once famous but now forgotten book The Mainspring of Human Progress sheds additional light on this subject:

“The Old‐World philosophers . . .recognized natural law but narrowed its meaning to exclude the possibility of progress. They explained that everything is controlled by physical force. Man’s emotions, sentiments, imagination, and creative urges have no place in the picture. The universe is a giant mechanism. Its wheels revolve forever. Everything is foreordained. There is no will. There is no high spiritual purpose – no divine plan. Nothing is created. There is no Creator.

“ . . . [The Old World philosophers] said that natural law controls everything, including man – except that civilization had got the upper hand. Civilization is an unnatural control; it causes all human miseries. And since religion is the basis of all civilization, science must make war against religion – religion must be destroyed.” (emphasis added)

The Mainspring of Human Progress, p. 169‐170

I think Weaver is right – and so is David Horowitz. In fact, I think these quotes explain a lot of things.

  1. Establishing international organizations to promote Marxism. The conspiracy theorists love to talk about the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Council of Rome, and others. Did you ever think about the United Nations as a bastion of Marxism, and Bill Gates, George Soros, the Bidens, the Clintons, the Obamas, and the Bushes as enemies of freedom? You probably should. (George Bush, Sr. was a strong advocate of a one‐world order.) These families and organizations are dedicated, in one way or another, to the destruction of America as we once knew it— and they have been incredibly successful in their efforts.
  2. The Plan. You may not have read the Port Huron Statement (1962) or the writings of Richard Cloward and Frances Piven (1966). You may also not have read the writings of Margaret Sanger (founder and promoter of Planned Parenthood) or John Dewey, Charles Beard, and Thorsten Veblen. You should have read (and still should read) Cleon Skousen’s famous book The Naked Communist. He laid out 45 steps by which Communism could take over the United States. Some of those steps are obsolete now, but almost all the rest have been accomplished.

These steps illustrate how the philosophy of Marxism (under the guise of Progressivism) subverted the American dream, and replaced our understanding of our Constitution and the rule of law with the counterfeit of “democracy.”

In other words, the plan to convert America to Marxism was originally established by Marx and Engels, and solidified by countless Progressives, idealists, Communists, and subversives. Since Marx’s original plan was simplistic and unrealistic it was important to modify it to make it functional and effective.

Why was America such an important target? That’s easy. If you want to destroy freedom you must go to the source. Our Constitution is the source, inspired of God to men who set aside personal feelings to negotiate and frame the greatest political document in history.

The Marxists did not solely focus on America, of course, but this was their greatest challenge—and their greatest success.


I hope that this article has caused you to think about what has happened, what is happening, and what is about to happen. As you do, I hope you will also think about what you can do to change the future, and help to make this country the place it was meant to be.

Whose victory? The contest isn’t over yet – and you and I have much to do as representatives of the “good” side. Let’s work together, stand up for our rights, restore our essential institutions, and cleanse our country of toxic Progressivism. We owe it to our children and generations yet unborn—and we owe it to those who sacrificed so much that we might be free.

Charles W. Kraut

Lexington, Virginia