Did this last election leave a bad taste in your mouth? This last election was a choice between
two horrible candidates. Is there an alternative to the “lesser of two evils” vote?

words-1752968_640It’s time to feel good about voting again instead of voting out of fear and frustration. We vote out of fear when we vote for one candidate to prevent the other one from getting elected. We vote in frustration when we don’t like the only two choices given to us by the two-party system but feel that we have no choice.

Before we can go forward into complicated matters, we need to go back to the basics. In today’s society, we are taught that there is no absolute truth. We are taught that truth is based on our own perceptions and culture. Whatever we believe to be true and feels good is our truth and whatever feels good to someone else is their truth. This false concept has led us away from the basic principles that govern our universe and that absolute truth exists.

Albert Einstein, in his earlier years, claimed to be atheist. Later in life, however, he said: “The more I study the complexities of the universe and how every law is interconnected and governed upon another, I realize that our universe is too complex and organized that there must be a creator in charge.” Our Founding Fathers called this the laws of Nature and Nature’s God, absolute truths that never change and
must be followed for us to live in peace, freedom and prosperity. Our Founders studied these laws and put them into place. Almost overnight, our freedoms made us the most prosperous, powerful, and sought after country in the world.

So, what are natural laws? A good example would be that If someone with wealth gets pulled over for speeding, he should get the same penalty as someone in poverty. It promotes that justice should be applied to every person equally, regardless of position, wealth, or any social prejudices.

A basic truth that we should apply when we vote is, “Does the individual understand that our rights come from our creator?” We are the only nation in the world that understands this concept and wrote it into our founding documents. Other nations want you to believe that your rights come from government. But if that is the case, then government can take them away. If they come from God, then no one can take them away from you. An individual that wants to place government over God is an individual that wants to take your God given rights (natural law) and impose their place government granted privileges (tyrannical law).

The next basic truth is that “We the People“ created Government. If we created government, then we can only give to government the rights that we possess ourselves. Let’s say that you have 4 cars and your neighbor only has one. His car breaks down. I can’t take one of yours and give to him, even if it is for a good cause. Neither can I get with all our neighbors and force you to give up your car to him. It is
not ours to give. We could tell you about it and ask you to loan or give him a car, but we have no right to take what does not belong to us and give it to another, regardless of the need or the merits of the cause. That is called theft and the laws of nature and Nature’s God say “Thou shall not steal”.

If you have a candidate who wants to pay for all the college students loans, the only way that he would be able to do that, and still obey natural law, is to pay for it out of his own pocket. If he forces you to pay for the loans, then that is theft just the same as the example with the cars. That is against the laws of nature and nature’s God and you should not feel good about voting for them.

To feel good about voting again, we need to get back to the basics and apply nature’s laws to how we elect candidates. If they don’t understand the Creator’s laws, they cannot govern us in peace. Electricity is natural law. I can use it to power lights and equipment or I can misuse it and become electrocuted. Marriage between a man and a woman is God’s law. If someone uses law to circumvent God’s law, then
they are misusing their power, and that will have bad consequences.

We believe that the policies and practices of political parties should be considered when we vote. The Constitution Party understands the Law of Nature and Nature’s God. We seek out candidates who also understand these principles and apply them, so you can feel good about voting again.