Are you frustrated that nothing changes in Washington regardless of which party holds power? Are you frustrated that the promised changes from our elected leaders never materializes? How confident are you that Donald Trump will actually deliver on his campaign promises? Maybe it is time that we strive for a real change in politics...

We always go to the polls hoping to affect a change. But it never comes. We were promised Hope and Change, but were delivered Hype and Chains. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could expect our elected representatives to actually abide by the oath of office which each must take?

In the course of my many decades of being an observer of the political scene, I have seen the power in Washington shift from one party to the other. And yet, I don't recall having ever seen a shift in the direction in which our country is drifting (or is "plunging" a better word?). In fact, there hasn't been evident much change at all, though I've voted for it many times. What about your experience? Is it the same?

Once a staunch adherent to the Republican faith (and an abhorrer of all things Democrat), I expected our elected officials to actually do the things they promised during their campaigns, or at least make a reasonable effort to do so. I thought there was a real difference between the two parties. Silly me!

Truly, the parties are almost identical... if you judge them by their fruits and not by their promises. In fact, the two parties differ in only two things: The rhetoric they spew, and the type of people who are attracted to them. Since there isn't any difference in what they actually do, let's judge them by their fruits.

I have to say, to my observance, the Democratic Party has been the more open and honest of these two different retail outlets for the same line of drivel. They make no secret of the fact that their intended goal is to make a socialist utopia out of our once-great nation, with free lunch (and everything else) for all, and they actively work towards that end.

The Republicans, on the other hand, have been historically quite disingenuous. This was never more apparent than it is now during the most current election cycle. It exposed the gaping rift between the rank and file of the party and those who control the party machinery. It is like they are all on a big and luxurious tour bus, with the placard on the front of the bus announcing their destination as "smaller and more responsive government, lower taxes, freedom and liberty”. But they have never gone there in my memory.

So, even though the Republican Party promises all these good things (smaller and more responsive government, lower taxes, etc.), they never seem to make good on their promises. They want a large and expansive government as much as the Democrats. They just use the limited government propaganda to get in power.

As of this writing, the Republicans will be in control of the Congress and the White House. Watch now and see if the Republicans don't do it again. Watch to see if government will grow under a Republican leadership. Watch to see if they will dismantle any of the numerous unneeded and unwanted programs that are in place. Will they dismantle Obamacare, only to install another government health care plan that they can take credit for, but does nothing to curtail the government’s involvement in your health decisions? Will they stop funding controversial organizations like Planned Parenthood? Will corporations that supported Republican candidates now receive the millions that went to Democrat supported corporations?

Now, knowing these things to be true (and the facts most certainly bear them out), does it not seem rather pointless to expect any sort of change for the better from either of these two parties? And what is the point of voting for the lesser of two evils, if one still votes for evil? There is an alternative, and a good one, at that.

The Constitution Party is small. But we are growing. Our object is to put into office good men and women who truly and stalwartly stand for the God-given principles on which this nation was founded...the principles that made America great...principles that have long been abandoned by those who currently rule the nation.

Won't you join us? Now is the time to be a part of something better. To make a real difference. Now is the time to say “Enough is enough” and choose a party that stands for honor and integrity. Join the Constitution
Party and finally get real change in government.