Joel Skousen, a Constitution Party Presidential candidate and an expert on the Deep State, visited Vernal last Thursday and spoke to a group of about 40 interested patriots. He shared the history of the Satanic inspired conspiracies that have occurred from the early 1900s to 9-11 to the present time, especially as they pertain to the globalist conspiracy to use war to get Americans into a militarized global government. That is why the globalist Deep State has helped build up Russia and China as enemies, and allow Communist takeovers of countries like China, Cuba and Nicaragua---not because they are communist, but because they use Communism to create crises in order to drive Americans into "solutions" they would not otherwise accept. He gave many details of dates and names of people so that all can know that conspiracy is very real and not only a theory.

He explained that there is a third World War coming later in this decade accompanied by an EMP strike that will take down the grid for over a year. So there is a lot we have to prepare for other than just concentrating on the pressing political issues of today--- which will actually get worse when the Deep State once again steals the election from Donald Trump and the Democrat and Deep State agenda continues and gets worse.

Joel’s purpose in sharing this information was to help us not be blinded by the media of today and to be more prepared for tomorrow and beyond. He explained that while we can't win the immediate election, we have to warn the world about these coming crises so that when they all come true, they will look to the Constitution Party for leadership, and stop believing that Republican compromise with Democrats will help. This is why false hope is always promoted, but the nation's downward spiral continues.

On his website he encouraged us to read his short 7 point talking points, which is the best way to share his campaign purposes with others. And, under “videos” he has a 10-part series of the history of the Deep State which he invited us all to delve into to learn more about how the globalists have manipulated our history to lead us to this coming war.