By Gary Welch, National Communication Director of the Constitution Party

I think that it is pretty obvious that the main focus on Constitution Party recruiting efforts have been
focused on members of the GOP.

That is to be expected. It is a party in disarray. Leadership and candidates of the party are not acting in
the best interests of the members of the party. As such, a party like the Constitution Party becomes a
viable alternative to the GOP since we represent the values and principles that GOP members wish their
own party would stand up for.

Unfortunately, the response that we get most often to our requests to join us is, “No, I think that it
would be better for me to try to change the GOP than join a 3 rd Party that does not have the money and
votes to change things”.

Now, I would like nothing better than to write a whole article on why that statement is as flawed as
saying “Well, my current plumber never fixes my plumbing correctly. It starts leaking 5 minutes after he
leaves and he always overcharges me. But, I want to keep using him because I always have. Plus, I am
sure that one day he will get it right”.

Instead, however, I would like to write about the flawed logic of thinking that the GOP is worth saving or
that it can be changed.

First, let’s talk about history. Just how long have efforts to reform the GOP have been going on? Most
people forget that the Tea Party’s origins began in response to George W. Bush and the Neo-Cons
growing government and government debt. The real start of the movement can be traced back to 2008
and is tied to the failed Ron Paul movement to try to change the party. That was about 10 years ago.
Here is a question for Republicans: How have your efforts worked so far? Things going in the right
direction over the past 10 years? How did the repeal of Obamacare work out for you?

Second, let’s talk about the candidates. There are a few GOP candidates that have truly strived for
promoting conservative causes. A few. Okay, a very few. Okay, a handful…well almost a handful. The
rest of them have betrayed you over and over again. What is the relationship between the candidate
and the party? Isn’t a candidate a product of the party? If a company continually puts out a bad product,
is the problem with the product or the company that is producing it?

In order to confront this problem, Republicans need to face a truth. Like most truths, it is hard to hear
and even harder to accept. It is the truth, nonetheless, and it has to be told:


The reason why you have been working for 10 years to change the party without results and the reason
why your Republican elected officials are not representing you is because they are all part of an
organization that is corrupted. Corrupted organizations, by definition, mean that they no longer
represent the members but those with money and power who have co-opted the organization and
taken over. You have no chance.

The reason why your efforts will be forever wasted is because the problem is inherent in the design of
the GOP. It is designed to be a Top-Down organization where a small group at the National level tell the
states what to do and the states tell the counties organizations what to do. Such a structure is always
doomed to be corrupted and taken over by evil men and women who crave power and influence over
others. It always has been that way, it always will be that way.

Our Founding Fathers understood this principle and created a document that was designed to prevent
it. It created a government that was based on a Bottom-Up approach and put the power in the hands of
the many. It is harder to corrupt millions than it is to corrupt hundreds (or just the one). That document?
The Constitution of the United States.

Like the document that we take our name from, the Constitution Party is based on a Bottom-Up
structure. All the power in our party is based at the County level and is delegated to the State
organization. The National Organization has very little power over the states and virtually no power to
force them to do the will of the national leaders. Instead, the only power that is given to the National
organization comes from the meetings that all states are allowed to participate in and voted on by their
representatives. Each state organization is sovereign in our party and we like it that way. Our national
organization is designed to provide support and vision to our members and state organizations, not

This structure prohibits the corruption of our party, ensures that our leadership is always kept in check,
and that it truly represents our members’ goals and desires. Our first Pillar states: “We are committed to
restoring honesty, integrity, and accountability to Government”. That starts by having honesty, integrity,
and accountability instilled in our party.

Lastly, let me make this argument – like the proverbial plumber that I started this article with, as long as
you keep going back to the same party over and over again, there is no incentive for change. If they can
convince you to take their inferior products (candidates) and you refuse to introduce competition, then
you get what you deserve. If you truly want to reform the GOP, then provide the incentive by showing
them that you have a better choice and willing to choose a better alternative. Prove to them that loyalty
must be earned and, if they cannot earn it, you are going elsewhere. What do you think will happen
within the GOP if members start leaving in the thousands and millions to join the Constitution Party?
They will realize that they need to start listening to their members and responding to them. At that
time, the Constitution Party can reach out and work together with the GOP on restoring a Constitutional
government that is based on true conservative principles. We did not form another party because we
did not like the GOP’s principles and policies. We formed this party because they abandoned them.
Once they come back to those principles that form good government, we will greet them with open
arms and open hearts to join with our fellow conservatives to fight for liberty and end the socialist
takeover of our government and society.

When will you say “Enough is Enough!”?

Gary Welch
Gary Welch is the National Communications Director for the Constitution Party and Vice-Chair for the Constitution Party of
Utah County. He can be reached at