The road to socialism is paved with cobblestones of good intentions, mortared together with the blood of martyred patriots, and paid for with the rights of masses of helpless citizens.

With hearts filled with compassion, heads filled with utopian ideals, and the desire to do right by their fellow man, regular men and women are, daily and through no fault of their own, hoodwinked by psychopaths into voting for policies which are skillfully crafted to lead to the destabilization of our civilization. Those very same psychopaths in the media and in government would call this statement fearmongering. I am here to tell you that no, this is not fearmongering. This is a head-first and pragmatic acknowledgement of the dire situation that our nation is presently in. It is a wake-up call.

We must take a moment to admire two things here. First; We must admire the desire for kindness and compassion with which many common liberal and progressive democrats make emotional decisions to do things such as advocating to give amnesty to illegal aliens who come to our country for a better life, and two; acknowledge without reservation the sociopathic cunning employed by liberal and progressive democrat leaders to manipulate the soft hearts of our on-the-ground democrat compatriots into demanding that we all reject the best interest of our nation in favor of the interests of said illegals.

The critical reader will recognize that the illegals referred to in the previous paragraph are nothing more than a stand-in for any of the progressive policies foisted upon us, like so much trash, by the political elite in order to bring about their socialist “utopia”.

The man on the street will stare, bewildered and befuddled, as democrat-controlled cities fall into utter ruin. Buried in trash. Beset and besieged by hordes of homeless vagrants and murderous criminals. Awash in the hardest drugs that the world is capable of producing, all while democrat leaders opt to spend their time crafting public policy penalizing shop owners for giving their patrons plastic straws, lest they damn the world to become a toxic wasteland. All the while software developers create actual mobile applications designed to let urban-dwellers get up-to-date, GPS location backed maps showing the location of human feces on public streets and sidewalks.

Young people throughout the Western World will, with resignation and great bafflement, place their head in their palms and wonder how it is possible that conservative speakers will literally be stopped with the threat of arrest should they proceed with a planned speaking event on university campuses, while at the exact same moment, black-clad and black-masked Antifa thugs control the streets with violence in protest of said speaker. They mob and beat people suspected of harboring conservative ideals, and the police are ordered by city officials not to intervene.

They watch, mouths agape with shock, as progressive politicians such as 2020 Democratic hopeful Kamala Harris laugh gleefully and brag about how San Francisco residents (even personal friends of hers) told their children with horror how under Harris’ leadership, parents would be jailed if children did not perform well in school.

Regular people will see this and wonder how fellow citizens can continue to vote for failed progressive policy after failed progressive policy. What they fail to understand is that these policies are not failed. These policies are achieving EXACTLY the intended outcome: The deconstruction and destabilization of Western Society in order that people will vote to increase the size and scope of government power to try and deal with these problems. It is the Hegelian Dialectic playing out again and again. Political activists create a problem, and government is called on to create a solution. In this way, government grows to encompass ever increasing aspects of our lives.

People often talk about “modern democrats” being this or that. What these arguments don’t acknowledge is that the history of the Democratic Party has never stood on good policy ground. Who was it that initiated a civil war that took 620,000 American lives in order to maintain slavery? Who was it that formed and wielded the power of the KKK in order to enforce racial segregation? Who was it that herded American blacks into inner city slums like cattle, and then proceeded to rip their families apart as a means of control? Who was it that insisted that feticide, more commonly known by the politically correct moniker of “pro choice abortion rights”, was empowering women? Who is it that pushes the narrative that white men and women in America are inherently racist and privileged, and that for that reason, racial and sexual minorities should be given special rights in order to counter the institutional power of American whites?

We all know the answer to each of these questions and more. We all know that they work alongside their corporate media cohorts in the exclusively Democrat controlled coastal cities to censor and scrub this sordid, and frankly evil, history from the public consciousness. And it is no surprise that it is the heavily indoctrinated youths of America, educated in a centralized education system built by progressives for progressives, who are using escalating violence to demand the repeal of our first and second amendment rights. The evils of the Nazi war machine are taught to Westerners ad-nauseum, and rightfully so. But what is not taught is what the Nazis were. We are told that the Nazis were an evil, extreme right-wing ideology. What they try to avoid talking about is the fact that Nazi is only a shortened form of its full name: The National Socialists Party. They also avoid discussing the truths that more than one hundred million innocent human lives were snuffed out, often violently, often brutally, and often painfully by the forces of socialism.

Socialism is not a threat that lies somewhere over the horizon, in some far off, distant land. It is here. It is now. And it is real. We see this in the popularity of people like Alexandria Ocasio Cortex and Bernie Sanders. Time and again they insist that “this time we will get it right”, only for “this time” to differ from “every other time” in the number of murdered civilians in pursuit of their utopia. In our time, how do people allow it to happen? And most importantly for a publication such as this; why is this a concern of Constitutionalists in America and throughout the Western World?

A common refrain that you will hear time and again from Democrat and RINO psychopaths is the notion of “Our Democracy”. Why do we so rarely hear them say “Our Republic”? Why do they so often refer to the morality of their decisions, rather than the pragmatism of their decisions? Why do they not reference the wisdom of the Constitution, or the Federalist Papers? The answers can be found in the very succinct, and extremely prescient words of our esteemed friend, Karl Marx.

“Democracy is the road to socialism.”

Keeping this in mind, one can easily look back and discover innumerable instances in which leaders of the democratic party, including our former president, Barrack Obama, used the sacred invocation of “our democracy” as the justification for any number of disastrous policy decisions. You can see this in legislation that was recently proposed by both Democrats in the past few years, as well as Republicans in the early 2000s.

They do not reference the constitution anymore, because they despise it for its efficacy in limiting the power of government. They understand that if they spoke seriously about and invoked the constitution as grounds for their policies, then their own followers would inevitably begin looking seriously at the Constitution, its meaning, and the ways in which it protects us from government. They would come to understand that the nature of government is to increase the power of government. And they would come to understand that the underhanded tactics of the Democrats and their RINO allies are selling them a dystopian nightmare dressed up as a utopian dream.

Government is neither good, nor evil, no more than one could say that a pack of wolves is evil for murdering and devour a helpless child lost in the woods. It is simply in the wolves’ nature, and they cannot control the instinct to kill and eat. But, like the wolves in this metaphor, government can be tamed, and its raw power CAN be used for good. Our Constitution is the greatest attempt yet in our history as a species to do just this.

Our Constitution was written by men who had only just freed themselves from immense tyranny. They understood full well the nature of government, and they crafted a document which would become the cornerstone of our entire civilization. They poured into this document the wisdom of the ages, learned and earned with the blood of countless people since antiquity, for the sole purpose of guaranteeing our freedom.

They didn’t suppose that simply giving us a republican form of government would be enough to secure our freedom. They KNEW, in the same way that a man knows winter is cold, that the nature of government is to increase the power of government. And they KNEW, in the same way that a man knows that leading his family into wolf infested woods without arms to protect himself is a death sentence, that government will devour its own people in order to sustain and grow its power.

Is this to say that the Republican party is any better than the Democrats? No. Not in the slightest. Many among you will have recognized the term RINO, which I have used several times in this essay. But for those of you who do not know it, RINO is an acronym which stands for Republican In Name Only.

While there are still good Republicans who wish to maintain our republican form of government, the Grand Old Party, formed in order to counter and defeat the Southern Democratic slave states prior to the Civil War, has been infiltrated by globalists, socialists, “State Capitalists”, and any other number of “-ist” that seeks to rob the power and wealth of the American people through the subjugation of our rights to a financial system built on debt. They abuse our Free Market form of Capitalism and sell it out to the whims of international institutions in the name of globalized industry. They, hand in hand with their Democrat co-conspirators, hollowed out the industrial might of the United States, and sold it to black-hearted communist dictatorships like China. All for the promise of greater profits by having their goods and services created by paying slave wages to the literal serfs that inhabit the rural interior of China.

I know. I spent more than a decade there. I looked on in horror as the Constitution of the PRC (and yes, China DOES have a constitution) was mocked by the people who wrote it, while citizens who simply speak of their own constitution are arrested and turned into literal slave factory workers, doomed to be worked to death in political concentration camps no different from those utilized by Nazi Germany. Those who work by choice in the factories owned by the Corporate Oligarchs parading as “republicans” are paid next to nothing. They work in conditions which would have been considered unsafe even by the standards of factory workers at the birth of the Industrial Revolution. Those who survive the factories die of cancer by the millions due to the unfathomable pollution of the water and air. All under the corrupt and ever-watchful gaze of their socialist leaders.

Some of you may still be questioning why any of this matters to an American Constitutionalist. The simple answer is that modern Americans have a fundamental misunderstanding of what our Constitution is.

There are two ways in which one can understand what “rights” are. The first is a white-list of rights. This means that the rights of citizens are expressly stated in documentary form. This typically takes the form of rights bestowed upon a citizenry by their government. The citizens of China are brutalized under such a system.

The second is black-list of rights. This means that citizens’ rights are not restricted, except for narrowly defined items which get codified into the criminal code. This form of rights acknowledges that we as human beings have natural and inalienable rights, whether granted to us by an ultimate Creator, such as God, or granted to us by Natural Law.

We the People of the United States possess a black-list of rights. The Constitution isn’t a document that tells we citizens what rights we have. The Constitution fundamentally tells what rights THE GOVERNMENT has, essentially creating a white-list of rights for the government, which We the People have the ability to enforce through the use of our First and Second Amendments.

In all of the world, and throughout almost the entirety of human history, this is a unique and unprecedented thing. The Constitution explicitly tells the government what it has the right to do. Anything that is not explicitly listed as a right of the government is assumed to be the right of the People. And this concept is even codified in the wording of the Constitution itself. This is why the socialist RINOs and Democrats know that, in order for them to have their socialist revolution in the US, they must strip us of our uninfringed Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and do away with our unrestricted Right to Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Association, and Freedom of Religion.

In the interest of maintaining some semblance of brevity, I will end this letter to the magnificent people of the Constitution Party here with a call to action. But you can expect the conversation to continue in future communications.

    The Constitution Party recognizes the changing nature of communications in the current era. It is with this in mind that we are preparing a push to grow our social media presence in order to rekindle the flames of Liberty, Integrity, and Prosperity in the hearts and minds of fellow patriots across our great land.

    The appreciation felt by the Constitution Party for your generous donations cannot be sufficiently expressed in words. Therefore, it is with deeds that we of the Constitution Party hope to show our appreciation for you. A culture war is going on all around us between the forces of the Cultural Marxists, and Free Peoples of the West. We are taking the initiative and going on the offensive. With your continued financial support, we are beginning to staff content creation positions to grow our platform, spread our message, and start transforming Constitution Party candidates into elected officials. We MUST take back our civilization. The Cultural Marxists have made tremendous headway while we slept, but we are now waking up. All across the United States and the West, free peoples are opening their eyes to the creeping infection. Now, more than ever, your donations are needed in order to fund our push to get people elected to local, state, and national offices. It is only by retaking the institutions that we can begin retaking ground in the culture way.

    Never forget, no matter what leftists and their RINO allies may say. It is only fearmongering if the threat is not real. The threat to Our Republic is not only real, it has breached the defenses set up by the Founding Fathers. The onus rests with us to drive them back, and reassert the primacy of our traditions, our values, our culture, our Constitution, and our very way of life.

    We do not presume to be your leaders. We do not presume to be the elites of the country. We are you, and you are us. THAT is the meaning of a representative republic. Always bear in mind the words of Benjamin Franklin.

“We have given you a republic, if you can keep it.”

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